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Born and raised in Italy. I lived in Bergamo, Padova and Venezia, where I did a BA in Italian Literature and Philology. Recently I’ve moved to the Netherlands for a research Master in Comparative Literature.

I usually write a lot, especially about films, books, people around me and Venezia. I collaborate with some online magazines, such as Uncle Yanco, but it also happens to me to write stuff that is not necessarily an article and this is why this website exists. 

When I feel the urge to write and need a space to share things I create, in a less pre-organised way than a social media page, I use this site. In many ways, this is a sort of an online diary, but not like one from a cheese movie in the early 2000s. It’s more like a moodboard kinda situation.

I’d love to have websites instead of Instagram profiles to look at when I’m meeting someone new: I feel it would reflect more the space of difference between identities. So, I hope you’ll enjoy this place and find something cool to read along the way!


n.b. you can contact me here: truecosty@gmail.com

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